T H E M !

perginya seorang insan yang bergelar DATUK .

woke up at 6 sumthing . after sembahyang subuh , we straight away picked up my aunt at wangsa maju and straight away back to our hometown at felda sungai kelamah , negeri sembilan . mimi called my mom just want to inform that my late grandfather nazak dy . at 7.3o am , again mimi called my mom . inform that my grandfather passed away .
all of us tak sempat pon nak jumpe dye . especially my dad , xsempat nak jumpe ngn atok . mimi told me that last nite my grandfather talk nonsense already and he want to see my father . but tak berkesempatan .

Luckily all of his children went back to hometown after all dis family problems happen . but at this time , this situation really different . dont know la why . its not the same as my late grandmother passed away 8 years ago where i was 10 years old . almost 8 years my grandmother left us . nevermind la .

semoga ALLAH mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh nya . aminnn .

*p/s: kak lang , thnx 4 belanja makan .

-the end-

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