T H E M !

time : 1400 hrs
venue : mid valley
with : azilah , crystalline , asilah , wani . but last last fiqi menyelit . ehy ehy .

finish briefing with ms lee ( as usual la briefing about posting ) da bosan kott dgr bnde yg same . haihhh . terus lunch kat cafe then cpt cpt changed . going out with them sempena merayakan exam berakhir. hahhaa .
and ya ! sarveen also follow us but she's going to pasar seni as she wants to go back hometown .

jalan2 kat mid . ada sell la wehyyy ! tu yg paling penting !
I-M-P-O-R-T-A-N-T !

then fiqi text as he wants to see me . soooo ok laaaa . ok jeee .
and ya . me and crystalline buy BR . lame gilakkk aku x mkn .
but unfortunately , we didnt take any picture .

-the end-

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