T H E M !

selamat bertunang !

E n g a g e m e n t D a y
C O N G R A T S !
-bangah and kak nita-

went to makteh's house just want to send bangah to go to kak nita's house as he want to engaged today . heee .

and ya , all the pics are with kak lang and abang apai . disebabkan camera hp syud rosak . babun !

and ya , thnx to DIEY , coz make the spaghetti for me .

*it was delicious babe . thnx ya !

-the end-


  1. welcome welcome (: bila plk turn kita plk nak tunang ehh ? HAHA :DD

  2. hahaha .
    syud lmbt lg kott .
    tunang ehyy , kene suh bakal tunang simpan duit byk byk dulu .


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