T H E M !

i am sorryyy. i didnt meant to hurt you. i have someone that i think can loves me as well. at least he knows how to take care of my heart. didnt mean that you are not good. but its better to find the best among the best. wish you goodluck. and im so sorryyy.thanx for everything. its really touched. :(

and i want to appreciate him as i appreciated you last time. its really meaningful for me to know you in this 2 years. and ya, you taught me about this life. you always honest with me. but because of some 'things' we'll have to end up like this situation. as you know i've already accept all your weaknesses. and i want you to learn how to appreciate others that are always beside you. maybe if you know how to appreciate people's around you, you are not alone.

and yet i still loving you but as a friend. a good friend for me. wish you all the best. and im sure you will find other girl that more better than me. and i hope you will hapyy. stop pretending that you are okayh. stop taking any stupid action. you know the risk if you take that kind of action.

thank you for take good care of me when im sick and you were by my side when im really in need. its such a wonderful memories and i will keep it. and ya, i will remember it. you also a good listener. you listen everything that come out from my mouth. i hope you will read this post. once again, thanx and soryyy for everything. take good care of yourself.

syud ♥

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