T H E M !

lepak-ing with ayie mok dekat wadi restaurant. menyirap disebabkan tak boleh online kat sana. hahaha. sian kau mok. xpe xpe.

suddenly, got called from my boyfie, and he said,
' sayang, b balik malam nih. '
and i was like yeayyyyyy !

he supposed to go back KL on sunday but he came back on saturday.
and ya, need to pick him up at his office this morning and ya as usual he's gonna drive the car and i will sleep beside him. :)

sent ayie to bukit jalil with boyfie as he want to go back to JB. good luck for your final mok. thnx for coming here semata mata nak jumpa aku dengan boyfie. :)

sorryyy for not accompany you went for breakfast as i need to go to hospital.
sorryyy for not accompany you went for lunch as my aunt is coming to my house.
and yet i still accompany you for a supper as u accompany me to petaling jaya.

thnx boyfie. i love you.

syud ♥


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