T H E M !

Cousin is everything beside my family.

Having a date with her.

Setelah beberapa dating dicancelkan disebabkan cousin busy closed account. almaklumlah accountant kan. So, pagi pagi lagi aku da text cousin tanya jadi ke tak. Kang takut cancel lagi kang. Better aku tidur kan? Haha. So, cousin habis kerja dia awal so blh keluar awal sikit.

Around 5 pm she picked me up at the hostel. And ya, soalan pertama yang cousin tanya, 'kita nak pergi mana? ' HAHA. Nevermind. We decided to go to Ampang Point as we want to eat BR. BR kat Midvalley tak best. HEE.

mine and hers (!)

Us (!)

Okay, nih candid. Abaikan mata bulat aku tuhh (!)

Aku suka nihh tapi mata tak pandang phone.

After eating BR, we decided to play bowling. And ya, it is my first time play bowling. Not bad. Strike for 4 times. But still kalah lawan dengan cousin. After this plan to play at TS and ya eating tomyam too. =)
I'm waiting for that. Thank you cousin for today. Such a great day with you. Loves ya (!)

syud ♥

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