T H E M !

Meet new man (!)

Ya, today is the day. I'm in morning shift today. So, yeay today I'm going to see my parents and yeah my cousins and my aunts. Asking my cousin, whether can pick me up or not because no money right now (!) Finished work at 2.3o pm, cousin ask her new man to pick me up as his house just nearby with my college. So, yeahhh (!)

I've already meet him once as he admitted to the hospital that I went for practical. So, I've nurse him only for 1 day. So, he waited for me for half an hour. So, sorryyy ya S. HAHA. And straight away picked my cousin at her house.

So, having lunch with my family. Sedappppp (!) *sebab tengah lapar kannn? HAHA.

Finished lunch, meet Diey for update the story. HAHA. Thanks ya babe (!)

To cousin, your new man Quite okayyy because of first time meet. HAHA. We need to be careful and get ready. That's is what he said to me. :)

Thanks to bangah and Kak Nita for send me to college tonight. =)

syud ♥

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