T H E M !

All Because of YOU.

Your smile makes a difference
You reflect my dreams

Nothing ever matters
Whenever you're with me

Your surprises never fail me
You're my need
Your innocence reveals
The love I have in me

I crave for your presence
I yearn to hear you
I understand more
Because of you

You're a natural
All is possible
Everything seems right
Its so surreal

There is no pretence
Nothing can compare
To the moments we share

You're my perfect joy
A splendid sight
Like a stained glass that
Sparkles from inside
Unconditional love and honesty
Its all because of you

Your beauty lights the darkness
You reflect true love
The world is so much better
Whenever you are with me

Embracing our days
You are my life
Though time waits for no one
Forever you'll be mine

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