T H E M !


Date: 15 August 2o11
Venue: MAB ( Malaysia Association of Blind ), Tun Sambathan
With Group 69 girls

It was a great experience whereby you see all those blind people. Ya, we should thankful because we still can see the world. For them, the world is black. They are special. There, we learn how to feel the Braille's dot. It was really fun. We learned how to type using braille machine and learned how to use the alphabet using braille dot.

The library was superb. All books are in Braille's version. Well, Syud tak tahu macam mana jari dorang sensitif sangat pegang dot dot Braille tuhh. Sebab Syud pun tak dapat nak differentiate kan mana satu huruf A ke J ke and etc. Wow (!) Its amazing tahu. Memang betul kata orang, walaupun mereka tak nampak tapi ada deria deria yang lain lagi yang sensitif.

Mereka sangat sangat peramah. :)
Hope can be one of the volunteer there.

*Pujuk ayah suruh masuk NASAM.

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