T H E M !

21 November 2011

That's the date. Dulu tarikh nih la yang penting bagi aku. Sebab birthday someone yang aku sayang dulu tapi sekarang bukan lagi apabila tarikh nih jugak la aku kehilangan seseorang. May you Rest in Peace ya. You are just like a mom here. She wasn't just a Clerk, wasn't just another Worker, In any way or another she did help us in our own individual ways, needs & never failing to GIVE us Her SMILE, Encouragements and Motivations when we were down and weary, being Much of a motivator. Your face, smile and kindness will ever be in my memory. Eventhough you only with me just 2 and a half year. I feel sad because you didn't get to see us when we are graduate and become a staff nurse. Dah tak ada orang nak jerit panggil Syud 'NAZA' lagi. She's the only one person that call me with that name since she knows that car belongs to me. You were a nice person that I've ever met.

From now on, I cannot see you in the GO already.
I cannot see your 3 daughters around this CON.
I cannot see your 3 daughter have lunch together.
I cannot buy token from you already.
I cannot see you smile with me already.
I cannot hear your voice anymore.
I cannot hear you ask :" how are u? exam ok?"
I cannot hear you call me 'Heyy NAZA (!)'
and, I cannot call "Good Morning, Kak Jasvir (!)" anymore.


YOU always in my heart.
Kak Jasvir,i'll MISS you !!

RIP Ms.Jasvir, Thanks for being there to fill the empty spaces in our lives and for everything.

Ouhh ya harini jugak first day final exam aku and bayangkan macam mana aku menggigil dalam exam hall sebab demam? Haishhhh. :(

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