T H E M !

Get SMS from A, ask me whether I can go out or not. Of course can (!) Because he know that I'm having abdominal pain due to 'girls problem'. He is so sweet when he said, ' kalau tak pergi takpelah, syg sakit.' even we are not in a relation anymore, we still call each other the same way as we're in a relation.

waiting for you to pick me up as you said you want to go to TS. A called my mom asked me to get ready as he is otw to my house with K and U. U drive the car after we decided go to TS. went there and play bowling. just 3 of them because i dont know how to play. and ya, saya tukang gelak bila A punya bola masuk longkang and saya paling happy bila A dapat first place. auwwww. congrats (!) U kalah dengan adik K. (gelak )

8.3o pm sharp, my mom called as she said she's already cooked for dinner. so, me and A quickly went to parking while U and K went to autopay to pay the card. at last, U said, ' byk wehyy aku dapat token.' which are coins. hahaha. seriusly, memang byk gila syiling kat U. U bwk kereta mmg laju gila nak mampos. manual lg. perghhh. gila tabik kat dia.

sampai rumah masing masing melantak disebabkan kelaparan ditambah dengan chocolate cake dengan teh O ais. sedap kan A? bila A ckp nak balik disebabkan byk kerja tak buat lg, maka saya mula buat muka dan A cakap, ' jgn la buat muka.' plus boleh bagitahu ibu, 'ibu, ida buat muka orang nak balik.' sape tak buat muka doeeee. :(

to A: thanks for today. Saya sangat gembira harini. Thanks sebab buat parents saya happy. Kalau awak nak tahu, ayah dengan ibu gembira sangat harini sebab awak. hopefully our relation will stay like this forever. and yeahhh, deep inside my heart, i still love you. so muchhh. and ya, we had been together and known each other for 4 years. and i still keep counting until the last day of our life. Honestly i really appreciate you. :')

thanks A, K and U for make the day today. it's such a wonderful memory eventhough we spend only 5 hours. yelah duk kat TS pun tak sampai 2 jam kn kn? heeee. moving forward to be with you, A. :)

our first picture. :)

syud ♥

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