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Happy Nurses Day (!)

Group 69 family. :))
With our mentor, Ms. Lee

Nurses Day is on 12th May. So, memang every year sambut semenjak dua menjak aku jadi student nurse nih kann. Selalunya kat college akan sambut 2 kali. Satu untuk hospital side punya celebration satu lagi untuk college punya side.

For college celebration, it was really really fun. Ya, for the video, it was touched a bit. HAHA. I know we all Group 69 is having final exam and you all are busy doing this event to make it successful. And I proud to be in Group 69. We can be a nice shine of glasses. :)

So, to all nurses in the world ( Cehhhh. World konon. HAHA ), I wish you
HAPPY NURSES DAY. Do your job with all your heart and do it sincerely. To be a nurse is not an easy job. A lot of things have to sacrifice. You also have to lose your friends if they don't understand your work. And end up with, your friends list is all full with nurse. :)

*Kalau nak tengok video yang group Syud buat, tengok lah kat FB kayhhh.

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