T H E M !

It only just a memory.

I've let you go. You've already have your own life, your own partner. Seems like you don't need me at all. I didn't disturb you. My heart keep telling me to let you go. It's hurt to see you with someone else. Not only you having pain, I having that pain since you and I were broke up. I am trying. You've already happy. Happy with her. And I am happy for you. The truth is I still loving you but you don't want to listen. What am I supposed to do? So, I stop it.

Nice to know you in this few years and yet you still right. Till now, I don't understand you. You seems like happy with her. You've already said that you don't like me anymore and you want me to understand and think it. I've already do it. So, now what do you really want? Why you still say that you've hurt when all this while I've been patience of waiting for you, I'm cried for you, And I hurt myself when I see you write that 3 words to that girl. Is it called force? Or you say that word without feel any guilty?

It was just a love story that we ourselves didn't know how it will be end. :)
Accept your fate and faced the reality. It's more worth it I think. It's already ended.

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