T H E M !

last day of 2o1o

today is still 2o1o , when the clock strikes 12 tonight , it'll be 2011 . i can say that i had a great year, although i had to face all stupid things. many things happened in this year. i did so many things through the year of 2o1o.

break off with mr. A is the most terrible in this year. ):
in this 1 year, sem 2 and sem 3, i passed all the sem successfully. (:
having great time with family, BFF (!), coursemate, new BF (!), and cousins.

pictures show everything (!)

thanx ainor (!)

group 69 in baju kurung (!)

amy's engagement. im happy for you.

mereka mereka yang selalu bg semangat kat college. thnx (!)
*gmbr sapa takdek soryyy. byk sgt. (:

raya bersama yang tersayang. with you too. (:

CON nite (!)

bangah's wedding (!)
thnx coursemate yang datang.

bersama cousins (!) tp yang baju itam tuh coursemate. (:

bersama BFF (!)

bertambah tambah la koleksi gambar gambar saya. (:

nih kazen yang lagi sorg. thnx because always by my side. (:

in a relationship with you. thanx ya (!)

being student nurse is not easy as we think. lots of thing i've been through. had supportive parents make me learn how to be thankful. such a wonderful parents. give moral support. and not forget to you my dear friends. lots of advices you guys gave to me. and that's make me to stay in this profession.
to know new friends, N, S, orang filem (current bf) is enough for me. banyak benda yang syud belajar dari you guys. and ya BFF thnx for being by my side and stay with me and give me support when im in need. really appreciate you guys.

banyak benda yang aku dapat. ya, aku cakap aku nak mp3 kan, ye aku da dapat apple ipod. next year nak hp nokia E5. nak perfume jugakkk.hehhe.
hope 2o11 will give me more fun. need to learn to become more matured. forget the bad and keep the good. i hope 2o11 will be the best for me and my family, also my friends.

*dah dah syud. aku rasa post nih paling banyak gambar dan post yang paling panjang sekali. hahaha. mentang mentang nak masuk tahun baru. (:
syud ♥


  1. hepi new year ! hope u'll have a better life . :)


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